How to Negotiate with an Angel Investor

Having nailed your pitch, you’ve succeeded in getting the attention of an angel investor. Congratulations! Before you pop open a bottle of c...
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How to Ace Your Pitch to Angel Investors

Pitching to angel investors can be a daunting experience for startups. Understanding what angel investors are looking for is the key to nail...
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Why planning your exit early is critical for startups

Every angel investor considering allocating capital to a startup has an exit strategy. Knowing when and how their investment will become liq...
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How Do Angel Investors Value Startups?

Most of the tried and true methods for valuing companies simply cannot be applied to startups. Why? They rely on data that must be accumulat...
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Why Founder-Investor Alignment is Critical for Startups

After having been rejected by dozens of angel investors, it can be tempting for an entrepreneur to accept a deal from the first angel to mak...
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Top 10 Reasons Angel Investors Turn Down Startups

Angel investors typically allocate capital to only a tiny fraction of the startups who pitch them. Here are the 10 most-commonly-cited reaso...
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The Essential Guide to Angel Investor Due Diligence

The level of due diligence conducted by angel investors on the startups they’re considering varies wildly. Some “cowboy” angel investors con...
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The Five Main Types of Angel Investors

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, understanding the key types of angel investors and their respective philosophies is important for two ma...
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Startup Funding Rounds Explained

How exactly do startups and investors come together to turn grand visions into reality? More often than not, the process unfolds in stages o...
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How Do Angel Investors Fund Startups

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for angel investments to fund your startup, it’s essential to understand the process from start to finish....
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